Applique Essentials - Grey and Silver
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Applique Essentials - Grey and Silver

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For those who love to have everything you need at hand, our Applique Essential packs are just perfect. It contains 10 x 10cm/4" strips of Silver in a variety of textures including Robert Kaufman Fusions,, Northcott Shimmer and Melba.

Of course, they are not just for applique! Use them for piecing, sashing, pintucks, bag and purse highlights, whatever you are working on that needs a splash of Purple!

In Order Left to Right

  1. RK Fusion Regent - Ebony (SRKM13694189)
  2. Shimmer Radiance - Shadow (9050M95)
  3. RK Fusion 6644 - Grey (EYJM664412)
  4. Shadowplay - JK (MAS513-JK)
  5. RK Fusion Regent - Silver (SRKM13694186)
  6. RK Quilters Linen - Zinc (SRKM14476399)
  7. Bernatex - Silver Mine (8867-11)
  8. Melba Fans - Silver (0005-5)
  9. Shadowplay - K5 (MAS513-K5)
  10. Shimmer Radiance - Frost (9050M91)