Northcott - Luminosity - Pebbles - Turquoise Multi

Northcott - Luminosity - Pebbles - Turquoise Multi

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Created by Deborah Edwards, Luminosity is characterized by an eclectic mix of butterflies, dragonflies, feathers and wings in a shimmering palette of navy, lagoon, turquoise, green and lime with gold metallic accents. The panel features dragonflies and butterflies with a nouveaux inspired border. Additionally, there are two coordinating full width borders, one an ombre of peacock feathers and the other a damask incorporating dragonfly and butterfly motifs with feather textures creating a bohemian appearance. Deconstruct and reconstruct the panel and full width border prints to fashion something completely new and creative. A selection of classic Shimmer textures and Radiance colours coordinate beautifully with the collection.

Width: 43"/44"

Material: 100% Cotton

Product Code: 24455M-64