The Bottom Line - #611 Turquoise Spool
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The Bottom Line - #611 Turquoise Spool

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The Bottom Line is a 60 wt. lint-free filament polyester.

This is Leesa’s preferred thread to use in your machine bobbins when using Polyester Embroidery and Metallic threads. This goes for Machine Embroidery and Quilting. Many Quilters like to use this thread for paper piecing as well, but Leesa prefers Efina 100% fine mercerised 60wt hand sewing threads for this work, which we also stock.

Bottom Line Reels may seem a little pricey, but you are getting a whopping 1500m/1,420 yd per Spool because it’s super fine and Superior Threads can get a lot on their generously sized thread reels!