Gelato Ombré - MAS11216-S
Maywood Studio

Gelato Ombré - MAS11216-S

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You just can’t beat a Gelato fabric! Infinite shading with a soft self pattern fine line to add even more movement and texture. Shaded from the selvedge to the centre and out again, giving you a magnificent background for applique, endless shading and options for applique pieces, elegant bias from stems or ruching into flowers and a drop dead gorgeous binding!

Don’t be scared to grab a half metre for the stash, it’s going to give you endless opportunities to incorporate it into so many upcoming projects, or maybe solve a fabric conundrum right now!

This is fantastic for ruched Flowers and Wheat, Sunrises and Outback scenes!

VENDOR : Maywood Studio
COLOUR : Yellow Tonal
GENRE : Ombré 
WIDTH : 44/45"