Hampton Stripe - Black/Gold/Cream (0011-7)
The Textile Pantry

Hampton Stripe - Black/Gold/Cream (0011-7)

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This rich canvas style print is a perfect design for sashing, binding, trims on clothing and a wonderful coordinate or feature print for Handbags.

The design features ¼” and 1/8” wide stripes embellished with lines of metallic gold or silver.

This rich classy colour combination of black, gold and cream with metallic gold highlights is a gorgeous feature fabric in its own right, as well as offering a sophisticated coordinate for rich Oriental and other Culturally influenced prints, including Leesa’s Under the Australian Sun collection in the Classic and Traditional colour stories.


Fabric Colours: Black, Gold, Cream

Cultural Influence: Traditional

Manufacturer: The Textile Pantry

Fabric Range: Hampton Stripe