Hampton Stripe - Orange/Green/Cream (0011-8)
The Textile Pantry

Hampton Stripe - Orange/Green/Cream (0011-8)

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This rich canvas style print is a perfect design for sashing, binding, trims on clothing and a wonderful coordinate or feature print for Handbags.

The design features ¼” and 1/8” wide stripes embellished with lines of metallic gold or silver.

The warm earthy tones of this stripe are well suited to Autumn toned prints with its softly marbled Ochre and Olive green stripes set on a warm cream background. Highlighted in metallic gold, it’s a wonderful partner for Leesa’s Under the Australian Sun Outback coloured collection as well as the Melba collection in Australis colours.


Fabric Colours: Orange, Green, Cream

Cultural Influence: Traditional

Manufacturer: The Textile Pantry

Fabric Range: Hampton Stripe